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Acquisition and installation.

Whether you are a student of the University or a staff hired by the University (PDI or PAS) before having access to a program in order to install it on your personal computer, you must acquire a license of the desired software.

This process is carried out from the website

To access the Software Catalog, we must first identify with our credentials at the Universitat de València.

Once identified, the Software Catalog is accessed directly.

At this point it is worth mentioning that, depending on the profile of the user, (student or PDI / PAS) the Catalog will show certain software, this is determined by the scope of the license.

Next, we will show the two possible views:

Acquisition process

1) Locate the desired program. The process begins by locating the application for which we want the license, always in accordance with our operating system. For this we can either scroll through the successive pages or use the search engine in the upper right corner.

2) Request the license. Once the program is located, we simply have to put the counter of the basket to one in the case of PDI / PAS or mark the check of the basket in the case of a student:

As you can see, the example application has a free license and is available for both students and PDI / PAS. Once the software has been chosen, we only have to click on Request (lower right corner) with what said software will automatically go into our Basket.

3) Confirm the request. Now we only have to 'confirm the purchase' or if we have made an error, mark the bin and undo the purchase.

4) Checking. Once the purchase is confirmed, the application becomes part of "My licenses" as shown in the following screen:

Now we have access to the application through the two icons, green and blue.

El icono verde nos da acceso a la DESCARGA tanto de la aplicación como de posibles ficheros de ayuda, 
actualizaciones, versiones anteriores etc

El icono azul nos muestra en el caso de que los haya los códigos de activación, códigos de licencia, nombre de 
los servidores de licencia, etc. Indispensables para activar la aplicación.

(In this example, for privacy reasons, an application has been chosen that does not require activation codes, hence the empty space appears)

Practical example: Acquisition and installation of the VMWARE WorkStation 14.

Once we understand the entire process of acquiring a license, we will acquire and install software that needs an activation code such as VMWare.
The first thing we will have to do is from Catalogo acquire a license of VMware for Windows, adding a 1 the shopping basket (although remember that this software has no cost):

After clicking on Request the license request will go to our shopping cart:

Click on Confirm purchase and from that moment we will have access to the software from the "My licenses" section.

As we can see we are given access to three icons, we will explain each of them:

This icon links to an external website, always from the manufacturer, since many of the applications that we have license,
the license is managed by the manufacturer, and is obtained by registering on the manufacturer's website

In this link we will find the files that make up the installation. Normally it is a single file either in

Executable format (exe), compressed (zip) or disk image (iso). We will simply select the file that interests us

by double clicking and start the download to our computer

The information button gives us information about the license, either through activation codes, license servers or
external websites

As we see to acquire the license we will have to do it from an external link belonging to VMware, to go to this web page we will simply have to click on the external link icon.

The redirection to this page will automatically create an account in VMware that will give us access to all those programs that the manufacturer also grants us a license.

In the case of VMware from that external link we can also acquire a license, we can download the latest version of the application.

Once on the VMware page to obtain a license we will proceed as follows: first we choose the software and add it to our shopping cart:


Once added to the cart, the purchase must be confirmed:

Confirmed the purchase will show us the activation code that in this case VMware calls serial number, used during the installation, and the download link of the application.

We can actually download the application also from here.

Downloading the application from the manufacturer's own website we guarantee to always download the latest version.

The order number will help us receive support for any problem with the license.


(We have hidden both the order number and the serial number for privacy reasons as they are confidential data that only the interested party and anyone else should know)
So, once downloaded the application (which is actually an installer) we can find it in the Windows Downloads center:


We will start the installation by executing the downloaded program:

IMPORTANT: Before starting the installation, save and close all the programs that we have open, since after completing the installation you have to restart the computer and if we did not do that, we could lose information.







(we uncheck Join the VMWare Customer Experience Improvement Program, otherwise we want to receive notifications from VMware)

After the installation, it asks us to restart the computer:

Once the computer is restarted, we have access to the program available on the Windows desktop:

Now we will execute the application and we will only have to activate it, introducing the activation code, which was provided to us when we acquired the license, in the dialog box highlighted in red: