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Aid for the use of the application of registration

(For any help of technical nature in the handling of the application)

In this section we explain the steps to follow to enroll in the UV.

Normally, so that the registration day you only have to enroll in the subjects you can do the previous step of preparing the registration.

In this step, fill in the personal data, address, etc. In this way, the day in question, should only enroll in the subjects / subjects that are pending approval, there is usually a minimum number of credits that must be enrolled.

Depending on Centers / Degrees, it may be that the possibility of part-time enrollment is open, but always with authorization from the centers.

The day and time of the appointment you may have questions or errors, in the following document, we show the most common errors and a possible solution

Support for enrollment in the centers.

(For any administrative or academic assistance)

To obtain any type of academic or administrative information related to your registration information, you should consult this list. It has telephones, email addresses, and webs in three languages, to have access to all administrative information (not computer). The academic and administrative information and data are handled by the centers, not by the Servei d'Informàtica. The SIUV only provides support related to the use of the applications and services used, as well as connectivity or network problems.

List of centers, telephones, websites, emails, and contents related to registration

Rev:2018 / 06
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