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There are several types of registration. The center will offer you one or more in your registration

If you need more detailed information, you can consult the section (ES) MODALIDADES DE MATRÍCULA: Ayuda

Click on the information icon to obtain a detailed description of the modality

The registration by group helps you to select the subjects in a timetable already prepared

If you select another registration mode, follow the registration process indicated on the information icon

Observe the compulsory subjects. You must register for all

Mark "Select all" to register for all the compulsory subjects of FIRST

Click on the MATRICULAR button

If you have selected the enrollment by grouping

Select the available grouping you want. As you can see, only one appears in the example.

If you click on the information icon, the grouping schedule is displayed.

If you have clicked on the information icon, you will see the subjects of the group

In the example you can see the subjects of the group selected with the GROUP and SCHEDULE

Select the time set you want

If you have clicked on the information icon, the list of subjects of the Selected Timetable is opened

Example of schedule set