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We will acquire the application on a regular basis at . Once the application is acquired, we will go to " My Documents " where we will find the download links and the information to obtain the license, which is directly managed by the application's manufacturer, Wolfram .

First we will obtain the license and then we will install the application.

Obtaining the license .

1º To request the license, in " My licenses " and we will look for the Mathematica application that we have acquired.

2º We will click on the help symbol with what we will go to the information page of the license.

We will have to click on " Request for new Activation Key for versions 8 and later ".

3º We are going to create our account on the Wolfram portal ( Create Acount ).

This page will also allow us to access the portal once our User is created and we can request additional licenses ( Sign In ):

Here we will click on " Create Account ".

(This is the URL of the portal: )

5th Now we are going to create the account by entering the personal information requested.

IMPORTANT in the registration we will use our email address of the University, addresses with prefix @ or @ . That email address will be our Wolfram_ID .

Once the account has been created in the Wolfram servers, we can now request the Activation key.

We will choose the version and click on Submit , this will grant us the license code:

This Activation Key is the key that activates the program in the final phase of the installation. This code only serves to activate the application on any of the three platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

The link Product Sumary Page takes us to a page that in addition to showing us the licenses we have granted and the activation keys, will allow us to download the programs to be able to install them:

IMPORTATE : License applications are supervised by University personnel, who verify that the applicant, in the case of students has a valid license and for the PDI / PAS has an active link. Once this verification has been carried out, the user will receive the confirmation e-mail of the license in the mailbox:

Installation of the application

To carry out the installation, we will use the ISO image downloaded from :

We will mount with the button on the right (from the file browser) on the downloaded file:

(The file Mathematica_11.3.0_WIN_DM.exe is the installer downloaded from Wolfram, but we will not use it in this example since the image downloaded from isalready updated, but it could also be used, although the procedure could be slower)

Activation of the license

Once the application is installed, we will activate the license, for which we will use the Activation Key that was granted to us. The application will run immediately after the installation if we have marked the option " Launch Wolfram Mathematica ":

Note : Activation requires internet connection.