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Installation and activation of ChemOffice Professional 2017 for Windows

The acquisition of the license of ChemOffice must be done on the web in the usual way (according to our operating system). Once the license is acquired, it will appear in the section My licenses . From where we can download the installer application and get the activation code. 
To proceed with the installation and subsequent activation of the application, we will proceed as follows:


  1. We will download and execute the installer:

  1. Install the application : Once the installation of the program is started, we will be asked to enter our data and a serial number or an activation code. At this point we must leave blank the sections corresponding to the serial number and activation code , and fill in the mandatory fields of Name and email address and then press on Quit to proceed.

IMPORTANT : fill in only name and email address, the rest, leave blank. 

The activation will be done when you run the application for the first time . We accept and continue

  1. Now we will proceed to install the application by clicking on Next . This is the next screen.

In the next screen we will have to accept the conditions of use, to unlock the acceptance check we will have to move the cursor until the end of the conditions paragraph:

Now we will install the application as we do with any other application.

Installation begins ... 

And this completes the installation. 
Activating the application 
Once the application is installed we will have to activate it . This is as simple as executing the application for the first time, it does not matter what program of the suite we chose, 
and fill in the following form:

Now we can use the activation code that appears on the website of The data marked with an asterisk is required. The email is the official email of the University, with extension @ and @ Once the form is completed, we will press Activate and the program will be activated.