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Installing and activating MathType 7

The license must be acquired at . This license, although its acquisition is free (the University of Valencia has acquired a certain number of licenses offered by PAS and PDI personnel with active links with the institution), it requires the user to complete an application that must be printed, scanned and sent by email to . 
The request must be authorized by the head of the department, service, institute etc, to which the user belongs. 
Once the software team receives the request, it will proceed to grant access permission to the application to the applicant, which includes the download link to the installer and the activation code.

Once the installer is downloaded, we will execute it, with which the installation will begin:

With this the installation finishes, we only have to activate the license.


When you run the application for the first time, you will automatically be shown the warning to enter the product key:

We must indicate in the registration window our name and surnames, official email address of the University (long format) and the activation code (Product Key) that we will obtain in the program file on the web 
To activate the license, it is necessary to be connected to the internet when carrying out the procedure.

Once the required information has been entered and the terms and conditions accepted, we will click on Activate , and after a few seconds we will have activated the program.