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Installation and activation of SPSS

Once obtained the license in , (this is how it is requested ), it will appear in " My licenses ":


This program is only available to the staff of the Universitat de València. Not for the students.

Now we can download the application from the download link (green arrow) and access the license data (blue i):

(when capturing, we have omitted the name of the license server, but the user can find it in, under " license data ") 
If we know the properties of our operating system we can download the most appropriate version of the application for our system, 32 bits or 64 bits . In the case that we do not know the properties of our operating system, we will download the file with ISO extension that contains the two versions. The system is already responsible for installing the most appropriate version. 
Once downloaded the file, we will go to Downloads of our PC, We will mount (doing click with the button of the right of the mouse on the ISO file), we will open the Virtual DVD Unit that contains the installer and we will execute the file Setup.exe with what the installation will begin: 
(if we chose to download the file SPSS_Statistics_24_win64.exe or SPSS_Statistics_24_win32.exe, the version of the appropriate installer for our operating system, it would not be necessary to mount the DVD drive)

The installation begins:

With this the installation finishes, now we will execute the application and activate the license. 
Activation of the license 
The SPSS that is installed in the Universitat needs a license server to function. This license server is only accessible from the University's own network or if we are at home through VPN. Therefore, if we want to use the application we will have to be connected to the internal network of the University or to the VPN. 
Another feature of this license is that only 150 concurrent licenses are available at the same time , so if at the time of trying to run the application you are already using those 150 licenses (by other users) will not let us run the application, we will have to wait for a license to be released.

(here we will introduce the name of the license server that can be found in> "My licenses"> SPSS license> License data)

We finish and we have the application activated.