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Installing and activating CrystalMaker

The application is only available for technologically profiled personnel and its use must be approved by the director of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry . Like all the applications of this University, it is in . 
Once we have access to the program, we will go to the "My licenses" section, to the corresponding entry to CrystalMaker, where we will find the download links:

And the activation codes: 

(in the capture we have eliminated the activation codes, but they can be found in ) 
Installation of the application 
The application is installed in a very simple way, once the ZIP file that we downloaded is decompressed, we will have access to the installer ( WinCM.msi ), which will install the program with hardly any intervention by the user:

Finishing the installation:

Activating the application

Once installed the program will proceed to its activation, as in all activations, at the time of activation we must be connected to the Internet . For this we will execute the program already installed: 

Now we will go to the Help menu and here we will select Unlock and we will obtain the following screen

Where once entered our data and the activation code ( License Code ), the OK button will unlock and allow us to activate the product. 

Accepting the terms of the license we will have activated the application.