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Installation and activation of Matlab 2018a

Once the license has been acquired in the usual way from, we will have access to the program download and the license data (very important to complete the installation).


The installation files in original format are stored in two DVDs, so that they can be downloaded, two ISO format files are created that contain a reliable image of the installation DVDs, with the appropriate program a DVD identical to the original could be recorded. So, we will proceed to download the two files said to our team:

Windows 10 provides us with a mechanism to "mount" a file with an ISO format in a virtual unit, which will allow us to access the installation files as if they were a DVD. 
To do this we will open in the Windows Explorer the directory where we have downloaded the Matlab ISO files:

To create the virtual unit we will click with the right button of the mouse on the file R2018a_win64_dvd1.iso that contains the first part of the installation and we will choose "Mount" .

Here we can see the contents of the file R2018a_win64_dvd1.iso:

We will click on setup.exe to begin the installation: 


In order to be able to activate the program, we must have a personal account on the MathWorks servers, since the license of the program in this type of installation is granted on a personal basis. On the other hand, This type of activation allows us to run the application without having to make a VPN.

If it is the first one that we carry out the whole process we have to create an account, otherwise we will put the data of our account, all this in the following screen:

We will complete the following form:

(the email address must be our official address of the University and the password, different from that of the University) 
The Activation Key we will find the  My licenses  Matlab for Windows  Information

Next, and we go to the next screen: 

At this point, if we click on Next we will get the following error:

This occurs because we have not yet verified our email address. 
When creating the account, Mathworks sent us an email , so we go to our email and open the email:

We access the link and with this we have already verified our e-mail:

Now we can click on Next and continue with the installation:

We have to choose which modules to install, for the example we have left the ones that are selected by default, but we can choose the ones that we want:

There comes a point when the installer asks us for the second DVD:

We do not press Ok , first we have to dismantle the current DVD and mount the second DVD. Therefore, already in the file browser, we will click with the right button of the mouse on the "virtual" DVD that assembles the first DVD and we will choose Eject :

Then we assemble the second DVD:

Now we can click on OK and the installation continues:

And we finished the installation:


Now we have Matlab installed and activated, with a license that allows us to run the application without having to establish a VPN connection.