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Any PDI, PAS or student body of the University of Valencia, can request an Office 365 license in the terms of legal conditions of Microsoft's agreement with the UV

To do this, you must access the UV software distribution portal, and on the home page click on the upper icon titled MSOffice 365, as shown in the following screen:

We can access directly from:

Now we will click on Tools for MS365 and then we will be asked for our UV user credentials, account or username and password (from UV mail):

We will enter our credentials and go to the next screen:

In the case that we already had an Office 365 account, in the MS365 account data column, we would be shown the user, the first and last name (as is the case in the example capture in which we have shaded the data).

How to create my Office 365 account?

Following the previous steps, and in case we do not have a Microsoft account, column 1 will be empty; We will click on Create user in MS Office 365, which will take us to the next screen:

By clicking on Access we confirm that we have read and accepted the terms of use of the Office 365 license.

Our account is automatically generated and the system will send us the access credentials to our University email.

Once we have the credentials we will access the web and we will be able to log in, and use the available applications.

How can I reset my Office 365 password?

If we already had an account but we do not remember our Office 365 password, from the same page where you can request the creation of an account, we can request to change the password:

By pressing the Reset button and send the MS365 password, the system generates a new temporary password that is sent to our e-mail at the University of Valencia.

Once the password is received, you must log in to, enter the username and temporary password received, after that first identification the system will force the user to change that password to another of their choice.