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How to establish the interface of Office 2016 to Catalan.

As a first step we will have to download the Multilanguage & Language Interface Pack (LIP), this is the library package that transforms both the user interface language and the program's help, it contains several language packs including Catalan.

The Multilanguage Pack will be found in the repository. As we have surely requested the license of Office Professional Plus for the installation of Office 2016 in our team, it will not be necessary to "acquire" a new license. Once inside we will go to the section of "My licenses", we will look for Office Professional Plus and from there to the download area. The package is inside the "Language Pack" section:

The package contains both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the interfaces.

Once the package has been downloaded in ISO format, we will go to the download area and mount (button on the right of the mouse over the ISO file) the disk image downloaded as a virtual unit:

Once the image is assembled, we will choose the Catalan language (ca-es) and the distribution (32 or 64 bits), it must match the version of the Office that we have installed on our computer. In our case it is a 64-bit system, we run the installer

IMPORTANT: Before installing the Multilanguage package, you must close any Office 2016 application that we have open.

Office configuration

Once the package is installed and only remains to configure the Office 2016, for it we will open the Word and go to File, Options and from there to the language:

Now we only need to establish Catalan as the default language, selecting it and uploading it with the arrows:

We accept and close the Word and we open it again:

We already see the interface in Catalan:

Now we only have to remove the virtual DVD, from the file explorer, we will click with the right button on the DVD and we will choose to eject: