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Forgot password on the office 365 platform.

In the case of password forgetting, we will have to do the following. 
We will first access the Microsoft portal and we can obtain, or this screen

Or else this one (in case we did not remember the password)

As in this case we are studying the password change we will click on (depending on the case) in:

  • You can not access your account, or
  • I forgot my password. 
    In this step we will identify our user and verify that we are not an "internet robot" by entering the characters of the image. This would be the screen: 

    If the user is PAS or PDI:

In the case of a student, 

Where the user is the user of the email. 
The next screen will give us to choose the form of sending the validation code, to our external mail or to our mobile phone by SMS. This external email and mobile phone are those that we established when we created our account on the platform, in the initial registration:

Change password by email 
When we choose this option the system will send us to our EXTERNAL mail account (the one we declare in the registry) a message with a verification code that we will have to introduce in the following screen of the form:

Once we receive the email we will have little time to enter the code received in the form, since the code is valid for a few minutes. If it expires, the entire process must be repeated.

Change of password by sending SMS to my mobile phone.

Once the SMS is received, we have a few minutes to use the verification code as it expires.