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If you remember your password and only want to change it

The password change is immediate. Remember that in those devices where you had marked the option to 'memorize password', they will ask for it again. Your password can now have up to 16 characters, and in fact the longer the chain you use, the more secure it is. You must ensure that it does not contain your username, or data that could be known by other people (birthdays, names, etc ...) It is not a good idea to use keys that are close to the keyboard (qwerty) or numerical sequences (123456 ...)In any case, in this process, you have a help to know what characters you can use, and a series of recommendations.

Do you suspect that someone can know your password?

At the slightest indication that you can raise a suspicion that your password could be known by a person, company, etc. you must proceed to change it immediately. The Universitat de València will never ask you by any means to provide your password, so you should suspect any request for your data wherever they come from, even when the source seems reliable.

You can change the password also by accessing the user's portal ( ). After validating with your current credentials, you can click on " My accounts ", next to the photo of your profile.

We select "Change password"

Fill in the requested fields and click on the "Change my password" button

*** If you have difficulty making the change, click on the help ]

Rev:2019 / 02
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