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How to choose a new password?

Rules that a password must follow

    • It can not be too short. It must have 8 characters minimum and 16 maximum.
    • It can not be "based" on a dictionary word (Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German).
    • It must have at least 5 different characters .
    • It should not be too "simple" or "repetitive" .
    • It should not be the same as the user.
    • It can not be the same as the previous one.

Password suggestions

If you click on the "questions" that the form shows you will get a list of suggestions for pronounceable passwords, easy to remember.

Note that a suggestion is not necessarily a valid or recommended password.

How to choose a secure password?

Think of a memorable phrase, such as:

"It's easier to believe than to think."

Then, change it to an acronym (including punctuation).


Add a bit of complexity by substituting letters by numbers or symbols in the acronym. For example,

3m7 @ qp.

Add a little more complexity by capitalizing at least one letter, such as M.

3M7 @ qp.

Symbols administered in the password

NOT VALUE: ' '" % #> <

The admissible symbols in the passwords are: @ $ & () =?
 ! + -. ,; _ {} [] * | ñ