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Your center will offer you one or more of the following modalities. 
You can check the registration form in the modalities offered by your center

  • Other considerations:

  • If your Center allows it, you can change subgroup in the process of self-registration. If not, you will have other deadlines and environments to request changes.
  • If you are a repeater in a subject, and your Center has arranged it, when enrolling in the suspended subject, the group chosen by you will be ignored, and you will be enrolled in a special group. The students of this group will be distributed later according to the criteria established by the Center. Therefore, in the time of self-registration, you will not know the subgroup (class) of that subject.

If you want a downloadable pdf version: MODALITIES.pdf

Support for enrollment in the centers.

(For any administrative or academic assistance)

To obtain any type of academic or administrative information related to your registration information, you should consult this list. It has telephones, email addresses, and webs in three languages, to have access to all administrative information (not computer). The academic and administrative information and data are handled by the centers, not by the Servei d'Informàtica. The SIUV only provides support related to the use of the applications and services used, as well as connectivity or network problems.

Rev:2018 / 06
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