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There are software distributions that do not appear in the catalog

There are several reasons why a certain program is not shown:

  • Obsolete software : When a software is no longer available from the manufacturer, it is classified as obsolete and, therefore, new product licenses can not be requested. However, licenses previously acquired will remain accessible. 
    Solution: In certain cases, it is possible to get these licenses by contacting us.
  • Lack of connection with the University : If you do not have any connection with the university, you will only have access to products that do not have restrictions, that is, you will not have access to products with a technology license or restricted to a specific center or degree. 
    Solution: If you maintain a link with the University you can request an endorsement with the department or center in which you collaborate by filling out an application .
  • Technological software : If you have a link considered as non-technological you can only access the generic software. In general, technological centers and degrees are those related to physics, informatics, engineering or biology. 
    Solution: Be hired or enrolled in one of these centers.
  • Software with center restriction or titration In some cases the acquired licenses only cover a center or degree so that only those people directly linked to the center or degree will have access to them. 
    Solution: Be hired or enrolled in one of these centers.
  • Software without a license for students Much of the software is only licensed for use in classrooms and offices but not for students. 
    Solution: Be hired in one of these centers or that the interested center requests the acquisition of software for students.