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Virtual Classroom UV Information service

Virtual classroom is the implantation that has done the Service of Computer of the platform of open source Moodle in the University of Valencia, that offers spaces of virtual group to teachers and students as a support to the groups of docència presencial.

The platform is an application web of easy access, to employ which is necessary to head to the page of the Virtual Classroom and validate with the account of the University. The users have of a manual of use applied and of the help of the application, and the platform allow gestionar the delivery of activities, elaborate questionnaires, share documents, create forums of discussion, send notifications for e-mail or have of own calendars and of groups, between other options.

Virtual classroom also offers to the teachers of this university the possibility to request the creation of communities of virtual research associated to projects of research formed by personnel of this and of other universities.

FAQ's Aula Virtual

Rev:2020 / 02

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Info adicional


The groups of all the assignatures offered by the University of Valencia will be active to the start of the academic course. Cadascun Of the groups is formed by the teachers that imparteixen docència and the data obtain of the BD (databases) of the POD (Organisational Teaching Plan) and for the students enrolled, as the official databases of matrícula.

Update of the POD and matrícula in Virtual Classroom

If the groups of docència of a teacher are not correct, has to repassar if they are correct in the BD of the POD since Secretaria Virtual and request the update in Virtual Classroom since the application Solicitudes. 


As the experience of previous users avoids the creation of the subgroups to avoid the duplication of the work in the maintenance of the subgroups; this no obstant, the teacher can request the creation by means of an application expresses. For example, the assignatura of the llicenciatura in Psychology "12386 Psychometrics . 9 credits (6 C.Teo. 3 C.Pra.)" It has six groups of the To to the F, of which the group To has 4 subgroups: T0, I1, I2, I3.


A community is some surroundings of work that the University creates on demand of a group of docents or users of the platform. His utility rau in the exchange of documents, information and communication through some virtual surroundings. In definite, is a tool of collaboration, that will facilitate the development of the work in groups of research formed by researchers of this university and of others.

The creation of a community does by means of an application, indicating the name and the address of e-mail of the administrator and of the members. For defect, the administrators can add new members, news, appointments in the calendar, documents, etc., whereas the members only have permission to consult the information added by the administrators. All and this, the administrators can modify the permissions assigned by defect to the members.

Note: To add external users to the University, have to know his name, the surnames and the address that will use. This address will serve to identify in the platform, and the password will send of automatic way to the user via post to this same address.