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Electronic Administration -

If you wish to modify your request, please follow the following steps:

1. Create a text document (a .doc, for example) and indicate in it the modifications you want to make in your application as you have done with us.
2. Access your personal site.

3. In your list of shipments made, look for your request and develop the option "Actions" of its same line.
4. Select "Append".

5. Attach the file from point 1.
6. In the field of observations, explain that you are requesting that you modify some erroneous data of your request.
7. Click on "Send".
The trader who is responsible for managing your request will modify the data of the same. Unfortunately, these will not be reflected in your PDF document (since this has been generated previously in the modifications). However, do not worry, if necessary the processors themselves will notify you that they can correct your request before their evaluation.
If the option to attach is not available, you should contact the center responsible for your request.