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How do I access the software server?

Access to the server must always be done through the Universitat de València network and from its computers.
Depending on the operating system that runs the computer where you need to install the software and personal preferences, you can choose the following methods:
• Web: this method is valid for any operating system. It requires running a browser, accessing the server and identifying with the user and the password of the University.
Then you can download the software from the My Licenses tab, where you can also check the license numbers.
• Microsoft Network: requires a computer with any version of Microsoft Windows (preferably Windows XP or higher), access the server and identify with the user and password.
It is also possible to access from Unix and Mac OS X computers by mounting the corresponding server folder by Samba.
• Apple Network: it requires having a Macintosh with Mac OS X, connecting to the server using AFP and identifying yourself with the user and the password.
NOTE: Some applications require access to the manufacturer's website to obtain serial numbers.