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Creation of working groups with Microsoft TEAMS

Content planning with Microsoft PLANNER

Creation and personalization of content with Microsoft POWERPOINT

Microsoft STREAM

Microsoft SWAY

OneNote - Class notebook

Microsoft FORMS

Experiences of other teachers


Microsoft Innovative Educator

How to access the Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE). MIEs use Microsoft's tools in the classroom and have learned the fundamentals of some of these. This is the first step of a journey where you can join a network of enthusiastic educators who have come together to learn, share and grow.Join the Educator Community and get 1,000 points to earn your certificate, and become a Microsoft Innovative Educator. More information.

Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer

MIE Trainers are educators, trainers, education professionals or affiliates who want to train educators or school directors on how to use technology in the classroom in the best possible way.Complete the 'Trainer Academy', either face-to-face in two days, or online , and commit to train at least 100 educators a year to officially become a MIE Trainer. Note: You do not have to be an Expert MIE to become a MIE Trainer. More information.

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert

As soon as you consider yourself with skills to integrate technology in the classroom, you can consider nominating yourself as an MIE Expert. Expert MIEs work together with Microsoft to lead innovation in the classroom, and give the company feedback on the new products they are working on. In the same way, they share best practices and thus promote innovation in both teaching and learning. The self-nominations are each year between May 15 and July 15. More information.

Skype Master Teacher

The Skype Master Teacher program recognizes educators who use Skype in the Classroom in an active way and lead innovation in the classroom through Skype. This program celebrates education and global learning, as it breaks walls between classes and brings the world closer to students. The Skype Master Teacher can be recognized by this medal in their profile.More information