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MS-Project 2019 for teachers

MS Project 2019 license for teachers is available at within the MS Office 2019 Professional license. Given the peculiar way of distribution of this suite, we had to generate an installation package that contains the complete Office 2019 suite (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.) plus the Microsoft Project.

It is not possible to select which programs to install, so the entire package will be installed.

Also comment that if Office 2016 is installed, it will be uninstalled.

In the download area at for MS Office 2019 Professional there is a small document with the installation instructions.

MS-Project 2019 for students

Only the group of students who are studying a degree called STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) have access to the MS Project application through the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching platform.

IMPORTANT: Only those students who are studying some of these STEM degrees will have access to the application.

MS Project online (Portal Office365)

Microsoft recently added the MS Project application to the accessible applications in Office 365.

Clarify that this link refers to the Office 365 MS Project online, and the Office 365 University license does not include said license, which is why it is not available.

This product requires a license acquisition that does not fall within the UV software offer.

Rev:2020 / 09

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Azure Dev Tools for Teaching installation

Access is done through, and the user has to authenticate on the page to be able to request a license. (Click on the green LOGIN button) 

Once inside the page, you must go to the General Catalog and do a search for "Azure Dev Tools" and click to request a license.

Once the license has been requested, it appears in LICENSES → SUMMARY.

It will be enough to select the cobweb icon that will redirect you to a Microsoft portal (attached capture) from where the students will request the licenses that are included in Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.


Once an Azure license has been assigned to the students, it disappears from the general catalog and goes to SUMMARY LICENSES, so if the student first checks that the license does not appear in the general catalog, it is because they already requested at the time a license and it will appear in SUMMARY LICENSES.